1990 Wheeling & Lake Erie Shots

May 18, 1990:
The 1st W&LE RB-1, with 50 cars, prepares to depart Rook, Pa.
Another shot of the RB-1 at Rook.
The ex-Southern leader on the 1st RB-1 retains it's "imitation gold" numbers in this shot.

May 23, 1990:
Another RB-1 at Rook.
One of the first attempts at relettering something.

May 30, 1990:
Yet another RB-1 at Rook.

May 31, 1990:
RB-1 at Rook.

June 10, 1990:
Eastbound RK-1 at Rook.
Another one of the first attempts at relettering something.

September 25, 1990:
The first "official" repaint at Rook. Note same lettering style as the 2666 and 2682, just a different color.
Four SD45s and one RP-E6Y rest in Rook after hauling the 1st ore train. The unit in NS paint, the 1768, still survives on MRL.
Westbound RK-1 crosses over CSX's Keystone Subdivision at Banning, PA. The 2686 has the W&LE carbody lettering that eventually became standard - until they changed it to the current scheme.

October 2, 1990:
The afternoon silence at Acheson Station, PA is broken by 4 GP35s lugging a westbound ore train.
WE GP35s 2680 and 2707 are seen on foreign rails in Mingo Jct.
WE caboose 518663 is seen in the Mingo Jct. Yard. I like the addition of the W&LE logo on the sides, overtop the old NW logo, which is barely visible.

October 14, 1990:
WE caboose 518514, wearing it's first number, sits in Rook Yard on this nice fall day. This was the only caboose, to my knowledge, painted in this manner.

November 18, 1990:
GP35 2656, in it's semi-NS paint, is on the point of a westbound Trash Train at Rook Yard.

December 20, 1990:
As the year draws to a close, we see this eastbound BRX entering Rook Yard.